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M a r i u s  M a c  S e r v i c e s

...don't just take my word for it! What my clients say:

HI Marius,

I can’t thank you enough for being here yesterday to sort out my mess….you were really a God Send….I am so happy today, working on my computer at last!!! Everything is working perfectly.


You have been a big help to all of us. How would we deal with Apple problems without you !!! M.L.

Thank you for the excellent service you have provided. D.B.

...your service has been excellent. Thanks for everything over the years and the numerous times you've popped over to sort out one problem or another. P.O.

Thanks Marius always there when we’re in need. Thanks very much for your job; keep it up! M.D.

Dear Marius Thanks for your kind attention and quality service. D.C.

I don't know how to thank you for your kindness this Saturday. I got really worried and worked up and, as always, you put my mind at rest. Thanks again. You are a star. A.M.

Thanks a lot for your help as always very efficient :) D.C.

Many thanks for your prompt and professional feedback. M.M.

Thanks as always. You are a mine of information. N.G.

Just a belated note of thanks for going out of your way to get me the computer by Thursday in time before i went abroad which was of great help to me. I appreciate your attention  W.B.

You represent the select few on this island that know what customer care is about J.K.

Please accept my thanks for your co-operation and especially for being always ready to help and serve your clients in the best of ways.  R.C.

Thanks a lot for your help. We are back in business, everything is working right now, we I'm just about to start flashing documents and artwork on my well cured MAC. M.C.

Prosit and thanks for your great service. M.S.

You have been very efficient and kind, everything seems well, if you are in the vicinity of our offices, please call for a good cappuccino.  A.G.

Thank you Marius very much! Your service is as always great! :))))))))  K.P.

Marius Many thanks the iMac is running like a rocket!  B.H.

Marius - MacWizard without whose help the computer would never have finished this book. P.A.B.

Thank you for yet another day of invaluable help and infinite patience. We’re all extremely grateful. S.L.

Thank you for all your help. We shall undoubtedly be in touch again as will some of our friends I’m sure. C.W.

Thank you Marius, for your helpful response. (Sigh of relief!) A.B.

Mail application now works like a swiss clock. Not sure what you did but it worked or so it seems. At least I managed to send an email just now and it went through immediately. Will observe more and let you know if there are problems. Thanks for your help today, much appreciated :)  Z.J.

First of all many thanks for all year help, from the equipment choice to installation . We really appreciate it. M.M.

Thank you Marius your constant support is truly appreciated N.S.P

Thank you for getting my depressed Apple out of it's virus misery and giving it a new lease of life..definitely the best Apple technician….. I.B.